Our Team

Selecting a trusted investment team shapes your future and enables the fulfillment of your personal and family goals. Expect integrity and transparency when you partner with the SOL team of professionals. With extensive collaborative experience in high net worth portfolio management, the SOL team is poised to honor your best interests.

Meet the SOL team:

Directors and Officers:

  • Rajmiel Odinec*
  • Samuel Sandler*
  • Ernest Odinec
  • Dr. Guillermo Schultz*
  • Sandra Horne
  • Frances J. Odinec
  • Elizabeth Sandler*

Business Development:

  • Samuel Sandler*
  • Rajmiel Odinec*
  • Ernest Odinec
  • Lawrence Lamonica*
  • Marcus Odinec*

Portfolio Management, Investments Research and Trading:

  • Rajmiel Odinec*
  • Karin Schultz*
  • Rahm Dvir
  • Lauren D. Lehman, CFP®, CFA
  • Adam Sauri*, CFA

Client Services:

  • María Angélica Camp*
  • Susan Kantor-Tupp
  • Sebastian Fuentes*
  • Marcus Odinec*
  • Ashley Staten
  • Sandra Amaguaña*
  • Gabriel Hernandez*
  • Gabriel Solis*


  • Sandra G. Horne


  • Sandra G. Horne
  • Nancy E. Thompson
  • Melva Shelor
  • Leigh Ann Aultice


  • Barbara Karwoski, CPA
  • Kyle Whelan
  • Jeffrey Lewis
  • Colette Zongo
  • Sergio Contijoch*


* Bilingual (English/Spanish)