Adding Value: Lower Cost

SOL recognizes your main goal -- fulfilling your personal and financial aspirations, as well as those of your family. To that end, we accept no compensation -- financial or otherwise -- from any source other than clients. All vendors are chosen for the quality and value of the services they provide; we do receive standard portfolio management services from our various custodians.

SOL strives to keep your investment expenditures low, eliminating any unnecessary drain on your wealth. Further, our investment committee aims to keep a minimum level of turnover which, in turn, should help keep transaction costs low.

When choosing mutual funds for your portfolio, our investment committee keeps a sharp eye on -- among other criteria -- fund expenses; we purchase no-load funds, or funds where load fees are waived. And because we are independently owned and have no proprietary financial interests in any investment product or strategy, SOL strives to select what we believe to be the best instruments at reasonable to minimum cost, if possible.