Adding Value: Superior Service

At SOL we believe working closely with our clients helps them acquire and maintain the level of comfort needed to delegate investment responsibilities. Our hope is that our clients gain confidence knowing a skilled team of experienced and highly principled professionals are assisting them in managing their investment needs. Plus, we believe the depth to which we service our clients is extensive and vital to building durable client relationships.

SOL Capital Management's service goals are threefold:

1. Understand our clients' needs and objectives.
2. Build confidence in our core investment philosophy.
3. Engage clients in the structuring of their customized portfolios.

This mutual understanding and the trust it engenders provide the foundation for a long-term relationship. These and other value-added service practices require time, commitment and a mission to extend ourselves to each client as if he or she was our only client. In our view, this superior, specialized customer service is unmatched, truly setting SOL apart from other investment advisory firms.