Fee Based Only

SOL is a fee only investment advisory firm with one hundred percent of our compensation paid directly to us by our clients. We accept no payments -- financial or otherwise -- from any other source; all vendors are chosen for the quality and value of the services they provide. We do receive standard portfolio management services from our various custodians. Since we are not in the business of offering or distributing securities, our objectivity is not compromised by commissions.

SOL does not have a parent organization dictating which products we must choose. And, we have no investment banking ties to any company, or other built-in biases. Wealth management is our core business. We provide no services that might conflict with our primary responsibility: The creation and preservation of wealth.

We strive to have you rest assured knowing your best interest is the sole guiding force behind all of our investment decisions. We strongly believe that the only way to truly gain your trust is to objectively and transparently represent your interests, and only your interests, at all times.