What to Expect

Personalized Asset Management is built upon a foundation of trust; trust that we believe is earned through consistent, dependable client interactions. SOL takes the time to develop a personal relationship, generating an informed dialogue with each client we serve. We constantly strive to exceed your expectations and surpass the highest standards of excellence.

As a first step, we learn about your current financial situation. We work to fully understand your investment goals and liquidity needs, as well as the level of risk you are willing to assume. Then with your input, our investment committee designs your portfolio's target asset allocation. The selection of securities is done within the framework of this allocation. We make every effort to utilize a broad array of quality investment products, including institutional class and high minimum investment mutual funds.

With SOL as your investment partner, you have at your service an experienced team of professionals who are grounded in our core investment philosophy. Each client team includes the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Investment Officer, the portfolio manager, the lead portfolio reviewer, a business development adviser and a client relationship manager. Additionally, each client team receives deep support from our operations, trading and administrative staff.