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We provide high net worth individuals with a consistent, transparent and disciplined approach to asset management.

Strategic. Objective. Longterm.

Who We Are

With over thirty years of experience of providing unbiased and discerning investment solutions on a global scale, SOL has positioned itself as an investment advisory firm for investors from all over the world. We are a global, yet independent wealth management firm based in the United States. We provide transparent and insightful advice aligned with your investment goals. No gimmicks, no internal products, no agenda. We are wholly invested in your long-term growth and wealth preservation. We strategize globally, but we are invested in you personally.Through actual experience, we have come to appreciate that our objective and strategic counsel can garner the trust of clients and their families that spans generations.


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What SOL Stands For

+ S Strategic Global Insight


+ O Objective, Unbiased Counsel


+ L Long-Term Fiduciary Approach



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Our Approach

Every Family Is Different

We understand that. That’s why every client has a dedicated team at SOL, focused on their financial objectives and committed to helping to solidify their legacy for generations to come.


Whether it is inheriting the family business, preparing the younger generation in fiscal responsibility, strategizing investment approaches or providing unbiased counsel, we have expert knowledge in supporting our clients and their families in financial education, portfolio monitoring, multi-generational wealth transfers, and business succession planning. That’s why we strive to continue to earn the trust of families that will last generations.


With SOL, you become part of our family. We seek to become indispensable to yours.


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