Disciplined Investment Approach

Our portfolio managers aim to provide the highest quality advice, while always adhering to our core investment philosophy.

SOL believes diversification enhances portfolio returns over time and offers the greatest protection against market volatility and permanent loss of capital. To achieve this, each portfolio is broadly diversified by asset class, geographic market, assets size, and investment style.
Quality at the right price
We believe our insistence on “quality at the right price” is the surest way to grow your wealth. Through ongoing market analysis and tracking of corporate fundamentals, SOL’s investment committee makes a diligent effort to invest in undervalued companies of recognized quality and market presence.
Discipline & Patience
From our perspective, a disciplined approach to investing, even during periods of high volatility, is the optimal path to achieve your long-term investment goals. We accept and expect wavering cycles of business and economic activity. Our investment strategies are designed to soften these market extremes.